Jessica Larbig

Foto: S. Niewelt   Jessica in 2 minutes...

On stage...

Since almost 20 years, Jessica Larbig is performing on stages across the world.
From classical repertoire to contemporary choreographies - 
from Rotterdam to Beijing. 
Currently she is first soloist at JSLN Dance Company and muse to choreographer Sören M. Niewelt.

Photo: Markus Pfeiffer

In the studio...

Thanks to her many years of experience in different styles and companies, Jessica's coaching is especially enriching.
Professional dancer or dancer-in-the-making, everyone gets motivated to become the best version of oneself.

Photo: Sören M. Niewelt

Behind the scenes...

Next to her work on stage, Jessica occasionally creates her own pieces in close collaboration with dancers of the company.
Apart from that she develops a growing interest in (dance) photography and has already lead photoshoots for the company as well as taken the dancers' headshots.

Foto: Alexander Yip